Bachata Class

After Spanish classes, we have danced Bachata! It is a very sweet and passionate dance with figures in pair and movements. It is originally from the Dominican Republic and the music is influenced by the Merengue style. campus-idiomatico-spanish-school-in-malaga-dance-bachata   campus-idiomatico-spanish-school-in-malaga-dance-bachata Our students from Campus Idiomático first learned the steps with our Latin dances teacher and then we put all the series of movements together with the rhythm of the music in pairs. We take advantage to practice Spanish expressions and we approach the communication protocols of Latin America with its characteristic emotion and joy. To finish we went to a fantastic party of Bachata in a Club at the beach of the Alamos in Torremolinos, where we danced all night practicing of course the choreography of learned dance.   campus-idiomatico-spanish-school-in-malaga-bachata-class   campus-idiomatico-spanish-school-in-malaga-bachata  

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