Visit to Granada

Visit to Granada

This weekend we went to Granada to visit the Alhambra and to see the most famous dance in Andalusia – El flamenco.

The Alhambra is the Palatine city Nazarí on the development of the most beautiful architecture of the Middle Ages located in the millenary city of Granada. From the summer palace the Generalife which represents the most important hydraulic work of the whole Middle Ages in the world with its beautiful gardens and philosophy of beauty through the senses, to the Nazari palaces with the splendor of the greatest technique Centered around the Patio de los Leones. Its impressive ornaments on the walls, columns, arches and ceilings are more than worthy of belonging to the heritage of humanity, and the prestige of being the most visited monument in Spain and the second in Europe.

Visit to Granada-International Spanish School in Malaga-campus idiomatico-alhambra   Visit to Granada-International Spanish School in Malaga-campus idiomatico-alhambra

But Granada is a lot more … The Albaicín neighborhood protected by Unesco also with its streets full of white charm … The viewpoint of San Nicolás with the panoramic front of the Alhambra that sits on the beautiful hill of La Sabica Crowned by the highest peaks of the Iberian peninsula, Sierra Nevada … The Royal Chapel, epicenter of the birth of Spain and Hispanidad, most solemn example of the European Gothic style …

campus idiomatico-spanish school in malaga-la alhambra-visit to granada   campus-idiomatico-spanish-school-in-malaga-la-alhambra-visit to granada

At night we went to Sacromonte, as magical as ever. We enjoyed the most exciting and deep flamenco that exists, the Zambra, in one of its famous flamenco Caves. It was exciting for all our students to feel the purity of the most international and expressive art that represents the Spanish culture.

campus-idiomatico-spanish-school-in-malaga-flamenco-visit to granada     campus-idiomatico-spanish-school-in-malaga-flamenco-visit to granada

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