Price List 2024



Course cancellations are not reimbursed. In special cases the school reserves the right to assess the situation and in case of accepting the refund an amount will be discounted as a cancellation fee. prices 2020

The classes in small groups (4 to maximum 8 students) have a duration of 45 minutes. The courses 20 and 30 are composed of grammar and speaking time. With course 10, students can choose between grammar and conversation. Private lessons (maximum 2 students) have a duration of 45 minutes. The Classes of “school groups” (Number of students / classroom according to budget) last 45 minutes per class.

Special courses (Spanish for business, tourism, stewardess, teachers, Spanish literature…) can be carried out with our intensive course 20 + 5, intensive course 20 +10, or private lessons.

Teaching material (Book): 22€

Course for all students with prior knowledge starts every Monday (except bank holidays and school holidays).

Courses for beginners start on: 08/01, 05/02, 04/03, 18/03, 01/04, 15/04, 06/05, 20/05, 03/06, 17/06, 01/07, 15/07, 29/07, 12/08, 26/08, 09/09, 23/09, 07/10, 04/11, 02/12.

Bank holidays: 06/01, 28/02, 28/03, 29/03, 01/05, 15/08, 19/08, 09/09, 12/10, 01/11, 06/12, 08/12.

The school remains closed during Christmas holidays from 23/12/2024 until 06/01/2025.

prices 2020



The accommodation is available from Sunday 14h till Saturday 12h.

SGL: Single Room. For long term this accommodation will be the standard type. DBL: Double Room. HB: Half Board in host family. Full board has a supplement of 40 € / week. FB: Full Board.


Priv. AP: Private Apartment.

Prices are valid for reservation made at least 8 weeks in advance. The price may vary depending on availability for a reservation with less time.


Observations for all types of accommodation:

The companions of students without enrolling in the course have a surcharge of 20% if staying the accommodation.

During summer time, July, August and September, there is an additional charge of 25 € per week.

rices 2020

Accommodation in Residence: For school groups. Capacity 300 people. Security service 24h.

Classes are held in the residence. Full board included. Possibility of arranging parties after dinner and sporting activities (hiring indoor pool in sports arena, soccer field, basketball courts, running tracks …) Distance to city center: 400m. Constant bus service. Single / double / triple / quadruple rooms with bathroom and shower. Adapted to all types of disability. Wifi. Free buffet meals, indicating potential allergens. Personalized diets for medical or religious reasons.



Internship in companies: initial management fee 240€. Consult price for groups.

Internship in our school: Interns do not have to pay the initial management fee  and are able to obtain the school accommodation at a special price.


Direct transfer from airport to accommodation:

  • Airport pickup and delivery of city map, contact numbers, instructions, wifi password and accommodation key. Price: 35 €
  • Library Service.
  • Coffee service in multifunction room.
  • Flight reservation and booking service to all the world and with all companies.
  • Organization of personalized seminars and combined and flexible activities.
  • Preparation and delivery of photo album of your experience at the end of your stay in school.  Activities