Campus Idiomático group travels to Málaga with Spanish classes and activities
Campus Idiomático group travels to Málaga with Spanish classes and activities

We, from Campus Idiomático, organize unforgettable group travel programs to Spain for you.


Our classes usually take place in the morning and are aimed at groups with all levels of Spanish.

After classes and lunch in residence or in family, we organize very special excursions and cultural visits through Andalusia, with teachers trained in communication according to group level.


We offer Hispanic seminars on culture, society and history.

Not required to take Spanish classes.

We organize activities in Malaga and excursions in Andalusia.


It consists of Spanish classes during one week in the morning time at school.

The internships carried out in companies in Malaga in sectors of nursing care, administracion, retail, tourism, nurseries, gastronomy, electromecanic and others.

General Information




A tour in Málaga take place with booking the course

Other details

Our offers includes Spanish courses for all level, different activities after class, accommodations in host families or residencies and booking of direct flies for Málaga. You can design your own program regardless of your expectations; you’ll have to choose between 20 hours or 24 hours of courses for one week. Moreover, you can select the activities that suit you the most within our various range. The group travel consists in a 7 days trip, including the days of arrival and departure.

The lodging in host families or residency can me in half-board or full-board. All of our host families are situated in the city center. The residency is 30 minutes away from our school by walking (we recommend this option for the big groups of at least 40 students). In this case, the classes will take place in the modern classrooms in the residency.

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We are looking foward to welcoming you in Màlaga!