Why Learning Spanish in Campus Idiomático

Why Learning Spanish in Campus Idiomático?

1. The south of Spain is the bridge between traditional academic Castillian Spanish and the Spanish of Latin America. You are free to individually design your own Spanish course. You will discover the language customs and norms of the Spanish-Speaking countries.

2. Andalusia is where Spanish has developed and evolved since the 10th century due to its numerous cultural and artistic riches. It continues with its mission to keep Spanish as vibrant modern language and one of the most important in the world.

3. Only an hour away is the most visited attraction in Spain and the second most visited in all of Europe- La Alhambra. Málaga is surrounded by 3 of the most historic points of interest in the European continent.

4. There is a fast and direct connection with Madrid and Barcelona, by plane, coach and high-speed train every day.

5. A major port city with a large international airport too. We manage your flights, alongside the accommodation, letter for the embassy, and medical travel insurance, in order to obtain your visa if needed.

6. An ancient, Roman, Arab, modern, academic city with a high level of language tourism. It is the 3rd in Spain for its cultural events and offerings and one of the safest cities in Europe. Málaga is a creative city and the birthplace of Picasso.

7. We schedule a wide range of cultural, leisure and adventure activities, as you would like.

8. The best climate in Europe. Costa del Sol and the Costa Tropical.

9. Method: Within the ELE (Spanish as a foreign language) system and following the European Framework of Reference for Languages, we have developed a unique phonetic methodology for rapid language acquisition, with grammar maps that simplify and accelerate the Spanish learning for our students. You will enjoy learning through funny games applied to the language base on multiple intelligences lesson material in an interactive atomsphere. The teachers are highly qualified and experienced. The centre is adapted for the disabled with technology classrooms.

10. The open personality of the people enables rapid immersion in Spanish. You will be able to practise it in shared accommodation in the centre of the city, or with a family in a homestay. Also, there is an option to stay in a private apartment, or for groups, a residence close to the centre.

All of these make it possible to enjoy and experience the Spanish dream, like in no other place. Icampus will surprise you!