Campus Idiomatico Malaga - Spanish courses - attendance certificate- Spanish certificate - Spanischzertifikat- certificado de precencia
Campus Idiomatico Malaga - Spanish courses - attendance certificate- Spanish certificate - Spanischzertifikat- certificado de precencia


Our School gives two kinds of certificates when you finish the course. The Attendance Certificate (including number of tuition hours and level) is awarded without any final exam. The other, the Aptitude Diploma (including the score or mark obtained at the end-of-course assessment) is awarded after a final assessment test. This test is done in the last two hours of the course, being marked in about two hours, thus the accrediting diploma is given in less than four hours after the exam. Further, regarding the official diplomas, the school arranges all the documents needed to make the official diplomas.

All our students, which have some Spanish knowledge, have to make our evaluation test before arriving on our Webpage. On the first day of the course, you’ll take an oral level test to find out your language level so we can include you in the appropriate group.

The levels are established according to the European Common Framework established by the European Council, following the criteria set up by the Instituto Cervantes and the Asociación Europea de Organismos Certificadores de la Competencia Lingüística (ALTE).

Within these criteria, in our school, we have established nine levels. Here is a guiding description of the Spanish knowledge you must have to be included in each one of the levels. 

Level Description
A1.1 You do not know Spanish or your knowledge is very basic.
You have basic grammar and vocabulary knowledge. You can hold simple dialogues.
A2.1 You can cope with everyday situations, being able to have brief conversations on such topics.
You can talk about current events, your past experiences and about the future, although you make mistakes.
B1.1 You are able to communicate with enough confidence and to participate in conversations about everyday life. At this level some subjunctive structures will be studied.
You can talk fluently and spontaneously, and write texts with well linked ideas. More subjunctive structures together with other grammar aspects will be studied.
B2 You can participate in native conversations, although the topics are not familiar. The grammar required for the appropriate official exam will be taught.
C1 At this level your capacity of expression and comprehension is already very high. You will widen your vocabulary and study Spanish expressions and turns of phrase. In grammar you’ll study the most complex Spanish structures deeply.
C2 You can talk and understand different Spanish register, using turns of phrase. At this level your written and oral communication can become similar to a native. You could be prepared easily for the appropriate official exam.

Campus Idiomatico Malaga - Spanish courses - Spanish certificate - attendance certificate - Spanischzertifikat- certificado de presencia

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