Intensive Spanish Course 20+10

Our Intensive Spanish Course 20+10 in Malaga consists of 20 classes in group and 10 private classes per week. With this course each day from Monday to Friday, students have 4 classes as the Standard Course and 2 personalized class of which the content will depend on their needs and interest.

The first part of the course is 2 classes of grammar and vocabulary, and the second part is 2 classes of conversation and practice, where students can practice what has been learned. The private classes are conducted after the classes in group or before them,  according to the availability of the teacher.

Our Intensive Spanish course  20+10 in Malaga is designed to combine a standard Spanish course in group with an additional specific Spanish course, such as Spanish for Digital marketing, social networks, and E-commerce, Spanish for tourism professionals, commercial and economic Spanish, business and financial management Spanish, legal-administrative and protocol Spanish, university technical language of sciences / words for the development of comprehensive skills and oral / written expression, radio journalistic language / written press, and Spanish for airlines employees (maritime and air navigation language).

It is also perfect for preparation for the DELE exam (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) or DIE (International Diploma of Spanish course, Spanish).The group size is from 4 to 8 students and the average is usually 5-6  students. Each class in group lasts 50 minutes. If there are less than 4 students in the group, the time of the course is reduced to 45 min per class. The private class lasts 45 minutes and is individual. The minimum duration of the course is one week and the minimum age to participate in the course is 16 years old.
Courses begin every Monday for all level.

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High season supplement from July to September 25€/ week

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