Spanish Teachers – Campus Idiomático

The Spanish teachers at Campus Idiomático are composed of professionals with extensive experience, who contribute all their knowledge and skills to set up an innovative teaching center and create an open school where everyone, Spanish teachers and students, can give their opinions and suggest new ideas to improve the learning experience in our Spanish language courses.

The teaching team of Campus Idiomático consists of professionals of teaching Spanish as a foreign language. They are all native speakers with a university degree and specific training in Spanish teaching for foreigners, which allows them to use modern methodology and establish a more direct and cordial relationship with students.

The communicative method of teaching that we have adopted is within the current parameters in the teaching of a foreign language, following a progressive method according to the recommendations of the European Reference Framework.

You will start according to your level and gradually acquire new knowledge and communication skills, surprising yourself with how much you evidently improve your level day by day.

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