Flamenco Seminar

You are interested in the typical Spanish music from Andalucía? Discover with us the world of flamenco during a flamenco seminar organized by Campus Idiomático. You have the opportunity to learn from the best guitarists, singers and dancers and experience the emotions of Andalucia.


Learn Flamenco Seminar at Campus Idiomatico. More of our Spanish culture. You can mix the Spanish studies with this recreational activity. Only in Campus Idiomatico in Malaga we offer you these activities.
Flamenco, in its strictest sense, is an art form based on the various folkloric music traditions of southern Spain in the autonomous community of Andalusia and Murcia. In a wider sense, the term is used to refer to a variety of Spanish musical styles.
The oldest record of flamenco music dates to 1774 in the book Las Cartas Marruecas by José Cadalso . Flamenco has been influenced by and associated with the Romani people in Spain; however, its origin and style are uniquely Andalusian. Manuel Ríos Ruiz notes that the development of flamenco is well documented: “the theatre movement of sainetes (one-act plays) and tonadillas, popular song books and song sheets, customs, studies of dances, and toques, perfection, newspapers, graphic documents in paintings and engravings….in continuous evolution together with rhythm, the poetic stanzas, and the ambiance”. Nevertheless, the exact origin of flamenco is unknown and the subject of many hypotheses. The most widespread is that flamenco was developed through the cross-cultural interchange between moriscos and gitanos (Romani people of Spain) during the sixteenth century specifically in East Andalusia primarily attributes the creation of the style directly to the Spanish Romani. Flamenco Seminar has become popular all over the world, especially the United States and Japan. In Japan, there are more flamenco academies than there are in Spain. “In El Salvador the group Alma Flamenca is considered the maximum representative and pioneer of this musical movement” Flamenco is one of the most characteristic elements of Spanish culture, especially throughout the southern region of Andalusia.