Visit Gibraltar

Visit Gibraltar

We went to visit Gibraltar, the British Overseas territory. From there you have a privileged view of the entire Strait of Gibraltar with the African continent just a few kilometers. A place where the British symbols coexist with the mythical towers of Hercules.

                                                       Visit Gibraltar-telephone-international-spanish-school-in-malaga-campus-idiomatico

The pictures in the typical English red phone booth is a classic of our students. We climb the rock to enjoy its natural park in the company of the “Gibraltarian Monkeys”. This species of primates unique in Europe, are one of the most sought after attractions of Gibraltar along with the military tunnels and the cave of Sant Michel.

  Visit Gibraltar-international-spanish-school-in-malaga-campus-idiomatico   Gibraltar-Campus Idiomatico-International Spanish School in Malaga

Next time, discover with us the color line that separates the Atlantic from the birth of the Mediterranean!

 Visit Gibraltar-International Spanish School in Malaga-Campus Idiomatico   Visit Gibraltar-monkey-international-spanish-school-in-malaga-campus-idiomatico

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