El Chorro/ Bobastro/ Caves of Ardales

Ardales Cave is also known as Cueva de Doña Trinidad or La Calinoria, was discovered in 1821 after the Alhama de Granada earthquake.  It opened the cave which had been sealed for more than 8,000 years.

The cave complex situated in the extreme west of the Serrezuela, at about 600 metres altitude above sea level and has a geological age of around 2.5 million years. It has been un-changed for the last 30.000 years. It is a few km east of the village of Ardales.

Doña Trinidad Grund, was daughter of the Consul General in Seville. She moved to Malaga at the age of 15 and she purchased the cave in 1852 to turn it into a tourist attraction. She had a staircase built and fixed supports for torches into the wall. Ardales cave becam the first cave tourits attraction in spain. On her death in 1896 the cave was abandoned.

In 1918 Henri Breuil, the conducted a detailed study. In 1985 when it was opened again to the public. Visitors can enjoy a one and a half kilometre walk through the  Gran Sala, la Sala del Lago, la Galería del Espolón, la Galería de los Grabado and la Sala de las Manos.