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Activity Gibralfaro Malaga The castle of “Gibralfaro” was built in the 14th century to protect the “Alcazaba” and is one of the most magnificent monuments in Málaga. A walk along the walls and towers of the castle, allows us to enjoy the spectacular panoramic views of almost the entire city of Málaga. When the sky is clear it is possible to see Gibraltar and even Africa. Most of the panoramic photos that appear on postcards are taken here. It is highly recommended to continue walking along the wall that joins the castle with Alcazaba, beautiful gardens and fountains.

In addition, the castle houses a small military museum known as Gibralfaro Interpretation Centre. In the museum we can see, among others, weapons and military uniforms of the sixteenth century. There is also a huge maquette of the City of Málaga with the castle, Alcazaba and other buildings such as the Bullring, the Cathedral, City Hall or the Palacio de la Aduana.